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Date(s): 1977-1995
Location: New York, NY
Status: Built
Type: Residence

In 1961, Rudolph began renting a small one-bedroom apartment at 23 Beekman Place overlooking the East River in Manhattan.  Through a series of three major renovations he tested out his latest ideas for experimental materials and especially artificial lighting effects. In his bedroom he installed a “light curtain”, a series of light bulbs suspended in front of mirrored wall that gave the illusion of infinite space…

The Concourse

Date(s): 1994
Location: Singapore
Status: Built
Type: Residence/Hotel

Singapore is located near the equator and its tropical climate demands a special architecture that is sensitive to the levels of light, heat and humidity. The Concourse Building is a skyscraper that uses solar shading and communal gardens and external balconies to address the climate and exploit the lush tropical vegetation. Wide overhangs give the tower its distinctive silhouette of an inverted pagoda…

Micheels Residence

Date(s): 1972 – 2007
Location: Westport, Connecticut
Status: Demolished
Type: Residence

In his 1972 scheme for the Louis Micheels family, Rudolph returned to the linear organization favored in the Fifties that allowed both expansive views and cross ventilation. By this time, though, his interest was in the organization of planes to define space rather than a clear expression of a single enclosing volume. Scandalously demolished in 2007, it still remains an evocative statement of what Rudolph…

Dean Residence

Date(s): 1969
Location: Great Neck, New York
Status: Built
Type: Residence

Designed for a former executive of Endo Pharmaceuticals, the Deane residence continues in the spirit of the Burroughs Wellcome Headquarters, where nearly every aspect of its design derives from a single geometric figure. Returning for the first time to the expressed wood members of the Fifties, each module is constructed of bolted 2×12 lumber, and the frame repeats at regular four-foot intervals along the…

Walker Guest House

Date(s): 1952-1953
Location: Sanibel Island, Florida
Status: Built
Type: Residence

Lacking the dynamic roof of the Healey “Cocoon” Guest House (Siesta Key, Florida 1948-9), or the material ingenuity of his signature Twitchell-era Florida Houses identifiable by their jalousie windows, cypress wood accents and Ocala blocks, the seemingly benign Walker Guest House is easily overlooked…

Sarasota High School

Date(s): 1958 – 1960
Location: Sarasota, Florida
Status: Built
Type: School

The second of two high schools Rudolph completed for the Sarasota School District, Sarasota High School forms both a bookend to the work of the Fifties and a premonition of the work to follow…

Lippo Center

Date(s): 1998
Location: New York, NY
Status: Built
Type: Residence

The Lippo Centre is a double office tower on Hong Kong Island, whose unusual blue curtain wall facades evoke koala bears climbing a tree. There are three large bay windows on top of one another on each side of the four long facades, rotating around the structure. The towers are offset from each other. The supporting…

Bass Residence

Date(s): 1970-1976
Location: Fort Worth TX
Status: Built
Type: Residence

Rudolph’s most ambitious residence in both size and scope was, in his mind, also his greatest. Dazzling if not domestic, its stark white forms seem to hover above the landscape rather then grow out of it in an elegant counterpoint of floating horizontal planes and volumes. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater had been a fascination…

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