About the Foundation


The Paul Rudolph Foundation, a preservation and 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, is based in New York City. Founded by friends and colleagues of Mr. Rudolph in 2002, our mission guides us.


The Foundation Board is comprised of scholars and enthusiasts with an expertise in architecture, and in particular the life and work of Mr. Paul M. Rudolph.

George Balle, President, Founding Board Member in 2002

Ian Gilchrist, Board Member since 2012
Sean Khorsandi, Board Member since 2010
Dan Webre, Member, Board Member since 2010

The Collections & Library

The Foundation owns, maintains, and is developing a collection of information on Paul Rudolph including press clippings, books, and various tangible and digital materials about or relating to Mr. Rudolph’s own work, influences and the contemporary cultural context in which he lived and worked. The Foundation has begun to digitally preserve a selection of photographs and articles related to Mr. Rudolph. The Foundation, pending further financial support, will professionally document, categorize, and present this and additional material in a cohesive manner for study by students, scholars, and the general public. 


The bulk of the physical archives of Paul Rudolph’s Architectural office are maintained by the Library of Congress Department of Prints and Photographs:  https://www.loc.gov/pictures/search/?q=paul%20rudolph


The Library of Congress has not received the entirety of the Paul Rudolph architectural works, and that Paul Rudolph materials outside the Library of Congress’s collection may not be in the public domain. Most of the works in the Library of Congress Paul Rudolph Archive have no known copyright restrictions. Paul Rudolph dedicated his rights to the public when he gave the Library his collection of the works he created (e.g., sketches, drawings, writings and photographs) following his death. (The June 6, 2001 Stipulation of Settlement for Mr. Rudolph’s estate states “The intellectual property rights of all such items transferred to the Library of Congress shall be dedicated to the public.”).

This access was challenged in a series of legal actions dating back to November 2019 that were resolved in July of 2023, reaffirming Rudolph’s materials at the Library of Congress for the Public Domain as he intended.  Read Statement

Read more on PMR Collection Rights HERE.